Foam Generator Machine FCP 20

Foam Generator Machine FCP 20

Foam Generator Machine FCP 20

Foam Generator Machine

Light Concrete Machines will be your new business partner with safe and easy to use features. Its high quality, modern technology, performance, which is used for mixing and transferring lightweight concrete mortars designed for filling and gaping with providing heat and sound insulations in constructions.

Foam Generator Machine  comes on stage as a fine-tuned performant foam concrete producing unit to answer the growing use and need for on-site batching and pumping of foam concrete. With its built-in fully controlled foam generator, simple and adequate concept, optimum producing capacity and performance, FCP 20 emphasizes work and environment safety.

Technical Specifications

Mixer Engine : 5,5 KW

Pump Engine : 7,5 KW

Compressor Engine : 5,5 KW

Spiral Type : KEH800

Water Pump Engine : 2,2 KW

Dimensions L/W/H : 3780 / 1735 / 1800 mm

Standard Weight : 1350 kg.

Transfer Efficiency : Max. 50. mt Vaertical 100 mt. Horizontal

Filling Height : 1300 mm

Pump Capacity : 1 m3

Vessel Capacity : 1 m3

Foam Generator Capacity : 510 Lt / dk.

Water Tank Capacity : 200 Lt

Air Tank Capacity : 50 Lt

Drawbar and Axle : Adjustable Drawbar and Braked Axle


√ Interior Spray Foam Insulation

√ Exterior Spray Foam Insulation

√ Floor Foam Insulation


Foam Generator Machine