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Fields of Applications

For all ready-mixed dry and wet mortars or pumpable mortars to be prepared in the construction site, such as:
-Conventional plaster
-Exterior render
-Cement plaster
-Lime render
-Stucco siding
-Colour plasters
-Injection mortars
-Spraying mortars
-Reinforcing mortar
-Tiling and jointing mortars
-Masonry mortar
-Fibre mortars
-Fibreglass mortars
-Suspension mortars

Standart Equipments

-Pumping unit 2 L 6
-Geared motor 7,50 kW
-Geared motor 3,0 kW
-Mortar hose Ø 50 mm 20 m with couplings
-Mortar hose Ø 50 mm 10 m with couplings
-Mortar hose Ø 35 mm 10 m with couplings
-Air hose Ø 10 mm 41 m with GEKA couplings
-Reducing coupling 50/35 mm
-Integrated pressure manometer 0-60 bar
-Sieve with vibrator 8 mm
-Spray gun Ø 35 mm, nozzle 18 mm
-Air compressor 350 l/min 8 bar
-Power cable 5×4 mm2, 25 m CEE
-Cleaning sponge ball Ø 60 mm
-Cleaning sponge ball Ø 50 mm
-Round file
-Shifting spanner
-6/125 screwdriver